Rev. John & Kristin Otto

Church Ministers

Greetings in the Almighty name of Jesus! 

My story begins on September 14, 1979.  Born to a father who was imprisoned, my mother did the best she could do to raise me, my sister and eventually my brother after my stepfather had come along. 

I was always searching for something to erase the hurt and pain that filled my life!  I tried many drugs, alcohol, relationships, money, etc…Then on April 17, 1999, my life was changed forever!  I was baptized in Jesus name and filled with His Spirit!  I have never been the same. 

Today I am happily married to my precious wife Kristin.  We have 2 wonderful children, Johnny and Esther. 

When you find Jesus, you  have found it all!

John & Kristin Otto

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